YEZZO | Ain’t Just Religion

YEZZO was founded in the year of 2014. The name YEZZO originated from the Hokkien dialect for JESUS. All of our creativity and designs are inspired by the Word of God. We believe that Christianity is not just a religion, and that the Bible is not merely a belief. Instead, Christianity is about the relationship that God desires to have with His children. He longs for us to know more about Him and to get closer to Him. This is how the concept of YEZZO and the tagline “Ain’t Just Religion” came about.

The Word of God is a powerful tool that brings transformation into the lives of those impacted by it. YEZZO’s aspiration is that through our products, the Word of God will be widely spread. Our hope is that the life-changing Word of God will go beyond the walls of a church and into the neighbourhood, so that God’s love will be felt by even those who are far from Him. Thus, a tilted cross can be seen between the two Z’s in our YEZZO logo. Over here at YEZZO, we aspire to bring about a movement for Christ, which we hope will ultimately inspire believers to take up their cross in their daily walk of faith, so that others may see Jesus in us.

Our hope is that people meet Jesus through YEZZO.