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YEZZO DNA Collection Film


The Yezzo’s New Collection is inspired by DNA concept. “DNA” represents a strong belief. God’s DNA is in us and He created mankind in his own image. This collection divide into two series Animal and Son of God.


The Animal series, each animal represent different characteristics and trait.

The lion symbolizes Boldness. A boldness of leadership role in our life. A leader who has a lion guide aggressively protect their faith against the false.

Eagle demonstrates Strength like how our God care towards His children, who train our hands for war, my fingers for battle. An Eagle will experience a life transform at the age of 40, their beak bend and thick feathers make them difficult to soars. But a hard decision, by removing their beak, talons, and feathers, they will able to live for another 30 years, a painful process that will help to gain strength along the journey. Those are qualities to be equipped by a true leader, a leader that leads, guides and guards.

Love, purity and gentle are the key attributes of a deer. A love that desire, hunger and thirst for God so much and willing to taking care of His children/men. We love, like how God loves us.

Lastly, dove illustrates holy spirit, purity, peace, and gentleness.


Meanwhile the Son of God series would like to bring out a message that all of us should recognize ourselves as His children and our lives should reflect His character. Through His love, we have been set free.


At the same time, we have YEZZO Kids in our new collection too. We hope every child could know how much God loves us even they at their very young age. Our desire that everyone who wearing Yezzo will be just like a preacher, spread the gospel to people around you.