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THE MESSAGE TOUR – 001 – AIN’T JUST WORSHIP – Why Do We Need To Worship?



We all have a spirit that yearns to worship. We can see it from the place we’re surrounded, in how buildings and religions are formed. Hence,

it’s difficult to deny that we do not have a heart of desire to worship, when it comes to wanting to experience things in a miraculous way.



But for worship, it’s not merely about the possession we could have physically but it’s more about internally, things that we can have in an everlasting time:

like our renewed spirit and heart. In Psalm 57:7, it says, “My heart is confident in You, oh God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!” (NLT).

Our need to engage both heart and mind in passionate, faith-filled worship of Jesus is real today. If you are facing circumstance and feel like something is

hindering you to overcome it, seek God who is LOVE, worship Him wholeheartedly and His love will pour upon you and become yours.



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God bless you.


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